Frequenly Asked Questions


What is the switch/button on the Pro K+DCAN Cable for?

The switch/button bridges pins 7&8 on the cable which is required for older model BMW's. Common belief is this has to do with the model year which is incorrect, its actually has to do with the chassis model.

Ok, so what direction/position should I put the switch or button in for my car?

E46, E39, E53, E38, E83 and anything older set the switch LEFT or set the button to be PUSHED IN. For models such as E90, E60, E70, E88, F, G, and I chassis and anything newer set the switch RIGHT or set the button to the UN-PUSHED postion.

The LED on the cable only lights up for a second when plugged in. Shouldn't it be solid?

The LED is operating normally. The cable should only light very briefly when first plugged in. The LED cycles when plugged in, and will only light up again during active data transfer.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do. We have two options available to choose from at checkout. DHL is the faster, more expensive in some cases option if you need the item urgently. USPS is the slower and cheaper option that we have available.

I ordered an adapter a few days ago, where is my tracking information?

We usually ship within 3 business days depending on order volume, schedule, and stock. Once your label has been printed, you will recieve an automated email from our system with tracking information with the email we have on file. (Usuaully the PayPal email you used at checkout.) Additionally, customers within the United States and Canada will recieve a text message with their tracking information.

I just got your cable and plugged it in but the app I'm using is saying "No cable detected".

Remember, all cables are tested prior to shipping, so 99 out of 100 times, its not the cable. Here are a few things to check first before contacting us. - Make sure your android device is OTG compatible. Many are, but not all. Don't count on the device being new to mean its compatible. Do a quick google of your device model and see what the general info says. There are apps on the Play Store as well that can check the OTG status of your phone and do basic diagnostics. - Make sure your OTG adaptor is functioning. A simple test is to use the OTG adaptor and plug the flash drive into your device. If it detects the flash drive and lets you access the contents, your OTG is working so its time to move on. - Restart your device and make sure ProTool, MHD and/or XHP is updated to the newest version. - If you own a Samsung device, you can plug the OTG adapter in first, seperately from the K+DCAN cable. Then insert the cable into the OTG adapter and the device should pick up on the cable right away.

What is the pin number for the BimmerGeeks Bluetooth adapter?

The pin number for the Bluetooth adapter is either, 1234 or 0000

How does your warranty/return process work?

If for some reason your product is defective or stops working within its warranty period, you simply need to contact us and let us know. We'll have you ship the product back so we can find out what's going on. It is encouraged that the user is honest in this aspect. If not, we reserve the right to cut off service. As for refunds, we do not offer refunds on received products due to the possibility of you ordering the product, using it for what you need it for then trying to return it. If you need to return the product because of an issue, as mentioned above, we're glad to replace it within its warranty period.

Do you offer remote services?

We no longer offer remote services. You can contact some of our recommendations, or

I'm having trouble setting up and/or using the software on your downloads page, can I get some help?

It depends on the extent of the help your looking for, we don't mind answering one-off questions here and there, but we don't offer support on the software. It's not our software, we didn't create it. There is a ton of info throughout the web on how to use it. We just making finding it a little easier. If you need further remote assistance, we can recommend reaching out to

Where do you keep the cable drivers for a Windows Laptop?

You can download the BMW Standard Tools package and install it. After that is done, the drivers are located in this directory on the computer: C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\KDCAN Drivers You would select the whole folder based on if your computer is 32 or 64-bit. If you're unsure, go to the System/About setting in the computer and the System Type should show if the computer is 32 or 64-bit.


Does ProTool lock to one vin/vehicle or can we use it on more than one vehicle?

ProTool is not locked to any vin and can be used on as many vehicles as you would like.

I purchased the license and now ProTool is asking for me to purchase the license again. What do I do?

The application licenses are now synced to our servers from Google if you already own the licenses. Simply go to the top right corner (three dots) -> Account -> Sync Account, that should bring the license over from Google’s side to our servers.

Is the subscription a monthly, yearly, or lifetime?

Currently our license(s) are for the lifetime of the product.

Can I change devices and will ProTool follow me when I do change devices?

Yes, it can as long as you use the same Google account emaIl that the license was purchased on.

Are there any plans for an iOS version?

Possibly sometime in the future. We are focused on one platform to bring the most complete and stable product for our customers.

How much is the app’s license(s)?

Our Master license which is both Coding and Diagnostic license combined is: $144.99.
The Diagnostic license is $84.99. The Coding license is $74.99.

Can I use another cable besides a BimmerGeeks cable?

A BimmerGeeks branded cables is not required. Any working K+DCAN cable can be used on Exx series vehicles. As for F, G, and I chassis vehicles, any cable can be used for diagnostics, but only specific cables including ours can safely code F, G, and I chassis. The app will test the stability at connection to these chassis to determine if it’s stable enough for coding.

Okay, how is the other K+DCAN’s restriced from coding those chassis?

ProTool is the first application to allow for F, G, and I chassis coding via K+DCAN. Through testing we have found that nearly all K+DCAN cables failed to code successfully and resulted in inoperable control units. We fixed this issue with revised cable firmware that can safely and quickly code these chassis. We attempt to update the cables firmware at connection, but most generic cables fo not allow for firmware updates.

Can I use another Bluetooth adapter besides the BimmerGeeks Bluetooth that I use for another app?

Our Bluetooth was designed specifically to handle the communications with the car between the app. Some tasks, if not completed properly can damage your car and leave it inoperable. So we currently do not allow any other Bluetooth adapters at this time.

Does the Thor/MHD Wi-Fi adapter(s) work with ProTool?

Yes! We do have support for these adapters built into the application. The MHD adapter must be the orange adapter for E chassis cars. The black ENET adapter is supported for F, G, and I chassis.

What is the pin number for the BimmerGeeks Bluetooth adapter?

The pin number for the adapter is 1234 or 0000.

When is Gen 1 E series coming to the app? (E39, E46, E53, E83, E85, etc)

At this time we don’t have a timeline on a full release. We are working hard on developing support for those vehicles. We do have diagnostics functionality in the app at this time.

What kind of device do I need to use ProTool?

Android based phone or tablet with android version 4.4 or higher.
(Note: If you plan on using a K+DCAN or ENET, the device must be OTG compatible.)

Can I use a laptop or chromebook with the app?

We have seen it done, it’s just not recommended. The app was not designed to be used with an emulator on a laptop or a chromebook.

Can I save my error codes on the app and how do I access them?

Yes, you’ll have the option to save it from down below, “Save Codes”. To access, you’ll need to go into your device’s external storage, find the “ProTool” folder -> “Diagnostic”, it will appear under your vin number. (If using the website, you will want to first sync in the app to be able to access the file(s) from the website.)

Can the app datalog my car and where does it store the file?

Yes, it can. To access, you’ll need to go into your device’s external storage, find the “ProTool” folder, and access the “Logging” folder. (If using the website, you will want to first sync in the app to be able to access the file(s) from the website. Top right (three dots) -> Account -> Sync Account)

Can the app code out the speed limiter?

Unfortunately not, you will need to have a tuner write off the speed limiter in a tune.

Can ProTool flash module updates?

No, ProTool does not have the capability to flash modules.

Can we code injectors with this app?

Yes, you will be able to code your injectors if needed on this app.

Can ProTool do battery registration/change?

Yes, ProTool uses the same BMW logic that is in the dealership tools. You will just need to find out the type of battery (AGM or Standard) and the batteries AH (Amp-Hour) rating from the manufacturer. BMW Batteries come with this rating already on the label.

Can ProTool program key(s) to the vehicle?

Unfortunately not, you would either need a highly expensive tool or to get a key directly from the dealership in this case.

Can ProTool complete a DME/DDE or CAS swap from another vehicle?

Unfortunately not, these modules would need to be coded from a bench in order to make sure key numbers match for the vehicle to be allowed to start.

Do you guys have a support group?

Yes, we do. It’s only available on Facebook at this time but if you’d like to join, you can go to: